Editing Services

We know, as fellow writers, that it’s important for an editor to engage not just with the words but with you, the author of the work: your style, genre interests, experience level and ambitions are essential factors. Our work with you incorporates both in-depth analysis of your manuscript, and targeted, specific coaching and advice on how to improve your understanding of the craft of writing fiction.

Below is a list of our services. Have a quick scan of each, then click 'Read More' for all the important little details.


Note that, for your convenience (and to help us keep everything organized) each service has its own Contact Form at the bottom of the corresponding page. However, if you have any general inquiries, please email Trevor at

Appraisal (Novel)

A 20-30 page report (the most detailed in the industry). We suggest specific story fixes which complement your story's style and intent, and provide a clear and fair discussion of the strength and weaknesses of your novel. We also offer you advice on language and style, pin-pointing key writing tics and bad habits.

Ready-To-Submit Edit

A 20-30 page report, exactly as with our Appraisal, plus a detailed line edit of your entire manuscript.

Appraisal (Short Story)

At The Editing Firm we're passionate about short fiction. This 10 page report, as with the novel appraisal, covers everything needed to get your story just right, as well as offering advice on the writing of great short fiction generally.


All stories receive a full line edit, too.

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